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•  guide to los angeles •
we loved living in LA 
and we were so sad to leave…
so to document our experience 
here, we made a little  
L.A. guide!
includes eats, treats, beaches, & outings.
LA farmer’s market
one of our favorite farmer markets we’ve been to… 
and we’ve been to a lot! it’s on third & fairfax and we 
highly recommend it. it is so unique because not only 
does it have the regular market with fruit, veggies, etc, 
it also has an indoor section with all different little stands 
of every kind of food you can think of! go hungry!
*the grove is right next store.. so shop after!
natalee thai
there are great thai places all over LA, but this is one
good place that you can find all over the city.

we also loved trying thai places all over
venice beach! we are constantly on the
search for the best pad thai, so we tried
out a few in LA… thai places are everywhere!
food trucks
the food trucks that line abbot kinney blvd. have
some of the best food in town. go there for
literally ANY TYPE of food…you’ll find it!
just be ready to wait in line :)
if you are breakfast fans like we are, 
you’ll be a fan of this place.


the cutest place. so fresh, and you 
can build a salad or grab something quick.
perfect brunch spot, and make sure
to try a salted caramel cookie to go!
{everything here is local}
cafe rio
obviously this is a hometown favorite, but we love that it’s
now in LA and we have to include our favorite place!

joan’s on 3rd

yummiest sandwiches. go for lunch!
really good sweets + treats too.

jack & jill’s

go to the beverly hills location for a crepe, and then take a 
stroll down robertson shopping area!

we went to lots & lots of yogurt places, but this was
the first one we tried and it was probably our very favorite!
amazing flavors, toppings, and the nicest owner in the world.
picture this: all different kinds of homemade cookies, all different 
kinds of homemade ice cream…pick one of each, get it in a 
sandwich, pay only $1.75 for it. heaven!!
{tip: be ready to wait in line!}
santa monica beach 
we love SM!
park right down on near the beach for
2 hours free parking! shopping at the 3rd
street promenade is great, and the street
performers are unusually good.
on friday’s in the summer they play outdoor
movies here, so spend a friday at the 
beach, shop, and end it with a movie.
the pier is touristy but fun, and
the little ferris wheel over the ocean is a must. 
 there are also always guys selling fresh mangoes right on the 
beach, and we recommend that you don’t pass them up.

venice beach
we already did a post on venice beach here, but we lived right by it 
so we spent a lot of time here. you can get such a range of experiences
at venice, from meeting some unique people on the boardwalk, shopping
for sunglasses, or going up a few streets to stroll the amazing
abbot kinney blvd with the best shops and restaurants.
our very favorite thing in venice is the venice canal walk,
which is so charming and relaxing. do this for sure.

venice canals…so pretty & fun to stroll through!
 playa del rey
this beach is a hidden gem. no one is ever there, but they’re missing out!
we lived literally right next to this beach and loved jogging down to it at sunset.
it’s right next to LAX, so you can lay on the beach and watch the planes
take off above you. we loved our nights at this beach!

 marina del rey
the fisherman’s village here has fun shops & restaurants…
and marina del rey has nice houses to walk along and see.
manhattan beach
this is the cutest little beach that we loved…it might have had to
do with the fact that cafe rio was right nearby it! :)
this is definitely the place to go for some beach volleyball, and it
has a cool little aquarium out on the pier that we loved exploring.
hollywood hike
we loved this little outing! it was one of our favorite things we did in LA. 
it is a little bit of a hike, but well worth it. make sure to park by the 
griffith observatory and then follow the road up to the trail. people 
will help you get there, but it is so fun to look up at the sign now 
and know we stood right next to it!
runyon canyon is a good one too!
baldwin hills overlook
if you’re looking for a good stair workout this is a good one!
there are tons of people working out, and one side up the
mountain has stairs while the other side up is a trail…
so you have options!
griffith observatory
as long as you’re hiking to the sign, stop at the observatory!
inside is a free planetarium with all different things to see,
and you can go up on the deck/roof for some {smoggy} views.
chase loved the pendulum & all the telescope rooms. 
the best part is, it’s free to visit!
abbot kinney boulevard
named “the coolest block in america,” 
this street was one of our favorites!
the most unique & modern restaurants,
amazing shops, and you can always
find the food trucks lined up here. 
a few favorite shops are urbanic paper
boutique, heist, and steven alan.
dodgers/angels games
always a good time to go to the ball park
and experience america’s favorite pastime…
just try to go on a weeknight to avoid traffic!
LA temple
the most beautiful place.
we loved our visits here!
3rd street promenade
this is the fun outdoor mall right off 
santa monica beach. it has great shopping 
and also the best street performers!
it’s crowded & touristy, but it’s a must.
find your favorite stars on the walk of fame or at
grauman’s chinese theater. for some good photos 
and laughs you can always stop in the wax museum
and then tell people you met all the stars in hollywood!
movie sets
speaking of hollywood, always keep your eyes open
for stars! we stumbled upon ashton kutcher filming
on the set of the new movie about steve jobs. starstruck!
beverly hills

always a must see…even just to 
window shop on rodeo drive!
los angeles county museum of art
this isn’t just one building– it’s a huge complex of all 
different museums. i love the display in front, and you
can find any kind of art you like.
watts towers
a little piece of LA history people don’t usually venture to…
these towers were built in the 20s with nothing but scrap metal. 
they are made of all consumer objects like green glass 
from 7-Up bottles, pottery tiles, jewelry, marble and seashells.
they are a little bit bizzarre, but worth the visit to see the site 

where the watts riots took place…so interesting to realize that 
something like that happened so close to all the fancy neighborhoods 
of LA. i taught with teach for america right in watts, so
this area became important to me.

getty center
any museum with monet has my heart, but this one is even more 
amazing because it’s so unique and beautiful up in the hills. 
completely worth it to go once!


an obvious one, but everyone needs to go sometime!
look for deals to make tickets less expensive..
also don’t miss knott’s berry farm theme park!

another idea is to go to a game or see a show at the staples center!

*for getting around L.A., public transport does not
have the best options. your best bet is renting a car,
taking uber, or using booktaxilosangeles.

{side trips}
newport beach
laguna beach

balboa island
for some little weekend getaways, we love all three of these places:
newport beach, balboa 
island, & laguna beach…
only an hour away from the city! they have always been
some of our favorite places to visit, 
but living so close made
us love them even more.
we also loved our weekend getaways
to santa barbara 
and solvang {see posts here & here.}

last but not least, we will miss the LA sunsets!
all that smog is good for something!
so long for now, los angeles..
Xo c&e

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  1. August 10, 2012 @ 8:17 pm Chelsey

    nice job! I think you covered all of our favorites too! you left too soon before we could even hang out, but hope you are enjoying being home! xo


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