husband’s birthday

husband’s birthday
in our 3 years of dating, i had never actually 
been with chase on his birthday until this year
hard to believe, but true. i was always off somewhere 
interning in DC or working in London…
so up until now he has just had to 
live with my birthday packages and skype 
sessions as his celebration with me. 
well, that all changed this year! 
i’ve been SO excited to plan something fun and 
celebrate with my love this year on his birthday!
it was my goal to make it his BEST EVER…so i hope i succeeded!
since we are living in LA, i planned a fun little surprise 
weekend trip to laguna beach, one of our favorite places.
i woke chase up early on saturday morning of
his birthday, told him to pack a few things,
and got him in the car with no idea where he
was going. i had the whole weekend planned
and made it a little scavenger hunt where he 
opened each card along the way to see what we 
were doing next…so it made it fun! 
he never knew what was coming until i 
gave him the next card. we stayed in the best 
room right on the beach, ate at all of our 
favorite restaurants, and celebrated 
husband’s birthday all weekend long.
pictures from the birthday weekend:

       1. i woke up the sleepy birthday boy to decorations and his favorite treats!

then…packed our bags, and got in the car!
2. we headed down the coast, and as we got closer chase opened his second card…
revealing that we would be having breakfast at the beachcomber in crystal cove!
{right between newport beach & laguna}. we got the coconut macadamia pancakes 
and the spinach frittata…best breakfast in the world right on the beach!
3. after our fun birthday breakfast, i still hadn’t told him where we were going…
so as we left crystal cove he got to open number three, which told him we w
ere spending the weekend in laguna beach! 
4. of course he immediately wondered where in laguna we were staying.
i was excited to take him to check in to our oceanfront room at the pretty laguna riviera hotel!
 loving our gorgeous balcony view
  5. after checking in to the hotel, the birthday boy had a few options…
i think you can tell which one he picked! 

                         6. then we enjoyed the beach…

and had lunch at bj’s pizza–yum!
   7. later that afternoon we wandered around town through all the shops and art    
galleries…my goal was for chase to pick something new out for his birthday as we walked   
         around town, and he found the perfect thing! love his new laguna beach shirt.
8. for husband’s birthday dinner that night i picked one of the nicest places in laguna…
the beach house! 
we had an amazing meal {lobster for him-salmon for me}, 
the perfect view of the beach, and some fun presents! 
his presents included: a new polo shirt, some nice new nordstrom shoes,
a phone case, all his favorite treats, the laguna shirt and our amazing weekend!
9. since chase’s cute mom has made him pear cake on his birthday every year,
i had to keep the tradition alive! i made it ahead of time and brought it with us
to laguna, so we loved enjoying it on the beach and all weekend.
the pear cake didn’t stop us from having some of our other favorite desserts, and
sharing a pizzokie from bj’s pizza on the beach was one of the best parts of the weekend! 
perfect way to end his birthday night. 
   10. the next morning we went to church and had breakfast at our all-time favorite
   the orange inn.
   we spent the rest of the day strolling the beach and walking around town just enjoying!
we love laguna!
it was the perfect weekend and i loved being able to spoil
my cute husband since that’s all he does to me.
i love you chase t! happy happy birthday.

ps..see a funny little video of our weekend
by clicking here.