happy birthday to the love of my life

happy birthday to the love of my life
dear husband, 
i love you in a million ways. 
i love that this year on your birthday, 
i get to be your wife & plan everything for you! 
i love how good you already are at being a husband. 
i love your scruff. i love your constant humor. 
i love how hard you work & how smart you are. 
i love hearing you speak spanish. 
i love your kisses on my forehead every morning. 
i love your little love notes you write to me. 
i love how you make any situation fun.
i love how much you care about me and others. 
i love how curious you are about things.
i love how observant you are.
i love your compliments. 
i love how you share all your 
things with me (including food! :) 
you are such a great friend, brother, son, uncle, and 
ESPECIALLY husband. 
you make everything better.
you are my best friend and the most 
romantic, loving guy there is.
happy 24! i love you!
i have a fun surprise planned, so get ready 
to celebrate all weekend my love! XO