updated post from our honeymoon last year…

the perfect honeymoon…
our wedding was so fun and perfect that i couldn’t imagine how it could get better, but the fun continued
through our whole honeymoon! we left the wedding in our old white vintage car, and the driver took the long
way downtown and played old romantic music while we toasted with sparkling cider and talked about our amazing
wedding day. we got dropped off at the grand america, best hotel in town. thanks to my family’s next door neighbors
{the owners of the grand} we had the nicest suite on the very tippy top floor!

we had an entire day the next day to swim, steam and spa before
being picked up to go to the airport and head to the caribbean!

we stopped in chicago and had a nice hotel, then made it to montego bay.

we soaked up a week of relaxing at the beach,
drinking unlimited smoothies,
sailing, waterskiing in the ocean,
hiking a waterfall, and enjoying
the first week of being mr. & mrs.
we’re glad we relaxed because
now we have a busy week getting
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here are some pictures of the happiest week!

the long flight gave us time to rest after all the wedding festivities..
then we had a view of the prettiest water as we landed!

…our resort…

waterskiing in the ocean!!

our little italian-feeling penthouse

welcomed with oceanfront massages

i may now be mrs. rigby, but still repping my maiden name!
don’t worry-chase is not on fire, haha but this was our favorite pasta station
as if all of the meals weren’t enough, we loved ordering room service at all hours!
always with a pina colada included :)
authentic “jamaican jerk” lunch on the beach

glass bottom boat! the water was so clear, and we even saw an old sunken ship

fun beach dinner with a show
i forgot my makeup on this entire trip, oops! black and white photos help :)
i don’t understand how anyone sane does this!
of course chase volunteered to learn some new torch throwing skills…ahh!
paying tribute to mr. marley
the juice bar– where we LIVED all trip!

dunn’s river fall’s..highlight of the trip.
we couldn’t bring a camera because we were literally hiking UP a waterfall,
but we highly recommend this place! amazing!

of course we made our way out of the resort and into town because we wanted to see it and meet some locals.
i didn’t want full jamaican braids, but i did get one little one in the back to remember our trip! :)
making new friends {with long beard dreads}
exploring the local market!
picked up some jamaican jerk sauce to take home for our parents
we loved sea kayaking and sailing
…and, sea biking. haha it was so funny looking but we loved it!
unlimited soft serve ice cream…yes please
last night dinner
milton, our waiter and now good friend!
saying goodbye to our resort the last day
we were most sad to say goodbye to our juice lady!
had to pick up a souvenir from the trip!

after our week in paradise, it’s back to reality…but, a reality we’re excited for:
moving to california and starting our life together!