Claire’s Newborn Photo Shoot

It’s always so worth it to us to get family photos taken, especially newborns. It is the most fleeting phase that is so sweet to capture! It represents some of my favorite memories … sleepless, happy weeks when heaven is close by and this new little life has joined the family. It represents bringing the…


Claire’s baby blessing

It was sweet to bless little Claire while in Utah with our family. When we booked a last minute trip there, we decided it made sense to bless her at my parent’s house with most of our family in one place rather than have them come to California for it. It was so special and…


Claire One Month

..Claire at one month.. ◦ makes the cutest high squeaky sounds always ◦  reminds us of a little bird and still seems so tiny ◦ barely cries, like ever! ◦ when she does cry, she can be consoled so easily ◦ good sleeper – doing 4-5 hour stretches at night ◦ good eater… except for falling…


August 2018

August 2018 is a special month we’ll remember forever – when baby #2 joined our family! It’s been full of sweetness and sleepiness, visitors, family, and so much happiness. It’s crazy how much can change in just one month – we’re now a family of 4 and life is so different in the best way!…


Labor Day Visitors!

Labor Day is always the best to end summer with… and with baby coming 3 weeks before it, we were definitely planning to stick around home this year. It was perfect that my parents decided to come out and visit us, which made the holiday weekend so special and fun! We had fun with them…

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