March 2018

A lot happened for us in March this year! It started off rough with me still feeling so so sick from the pregnancy still, Reagan also getting a bad winter sickness, and then heading off on our crazy trip where I dropped R in Salt Lake City with my mom, then took a red eye…


Pregnant with Baby #2!

I posted it here last week, but we feel so lucky to have baby #2 on the way in August! I can’t believe we get to do this all over again. A second pregnancy is so fun because now we know how fun and amazing the whole process is, and it’s a little less scary…


Reagan 20 months

20 months of this little chickadee. This stage is unbelievable- we are surprised every day at how much she’s learning and how amazing she is! She picks up on everything and learns more every day. This month we took our first big trip away from her, and left her with my mom in Salt Lake…


Happy Hollow Park!

Happy Hollow is like legendary for families in the Bay .. people who grew up coming here, and parents who love bringing their kids here now. Finally little Reagan seemed the right age to start to enjoy it, so we checked it out with some friends and loved every second! It’s a darling little amusement…


Tel Aviv, Israel

We ended our Israel trip in Tel Aviv. It is a fun city right on the beach, and has a completely different feel from Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land. It’s so modern and vibrant with a really fun scene. It was nice to relax here a little bit after all the touring…

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