Europe vs. USA

europe vs. USA

It’s quite the adjustment being back in the U.S. after living in Europe! We miss a lot of things, but at the same time we’re pretty happy to be back among the familiar…so here’s just a little list I made in my phone of some differences :) Europe vs. USA sparkling water vs. still water no…

Euro Chains 2

Favorite Chains through Europe

I know…chains don’t always get the best reputation. We all love finding unique boutiques and eateries that aren’t replicated, but you have to admit that some chains are done right. Europeans are less into “chain” restaurants and stores in general…that is more of an American thing. But of course there are still big chains here, and some…

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Utah Baby Showers!

We were SO spoiled and wrapped in love during our stop through Salt Lake City. Originally we planned to have our baby abroad in Europe, and I didn’t plan that we’d have any showers/ celebrations before baby came. Once we decided to move back to California and stop through Salt Lake City on the way back, we…

Protein Foundry

Favorite new restaurants in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, you need to stop changing!! I came back for the first time in a year and there is already some of the best new food in town. Between checking out new hot spots and hitting my old favorites, I barely had time to fit in all of the meals I wanted during…


Stopping through Salt Lake City

When we decided to move back to the U.S.A. from Europe, we knew we had to stop through Salt Lake City before officially moving back to the Bay Area. We hadn’t been back for a year, which is the longest I had ever been away from it and I couldn’t believe how good it felt to…

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