our london flat

we got to live in london for a month this fall & pretend we were locals! it was the best month ever with perfect weather (mostly all of october), and we stayed right in covent garden by the google office in the cutest little flat. a big expensive city like london is so fun to live…


autumn in london

i found my favorite time in london…the fall! autumn just suits seems to suit the city. it’s like hyde park was meant to be walked through when the leaves are golden and falling slowly from the trees. it’s like tea time was designed for crisp fall days to duck in from and warm up. it’s like…


exploring covent garden

covent garden! it was an area i loved to visit while living in london during college..so it was pretty surreal to live right in the center of it this fall with chase! i’d say we took full advantage of the fun shops, restaurants, west end plays, and central location that covent garden offers. now i feel…


doors of london

a post full of ALL doors of london…because i just can’t help myself! i love the doors all through europe, but london especially does it right. i’d take any of these as my own, any day…please & thank you very much! yes, i’m crazy and obsessed with doors! so sue me :) xo


spanish food tour in madrid

i think spain is so overlooked when it comes to cuisine. very few people appreciate the incredible food that comes from this country, and if you’ve never been … it’s not what you’d expect! you won’t find south american or mexican type cuisine in spain. instead you’ll find a wide range of fresh food often…

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