napa valley towns: calistoga & healdsburg

i’m back with more napa & sonoma valley goodness! after kayaking the russian river and getting to know guerneville, we took one of the prettiest drives on a tiny winding road to explore two other towns. as we drove through the scenic roads with vineyards on every side, the sun was shining and this song was playing and…


kayaking the russian river

the bay area is so unbelievable. drive a few hours in any direction and you’ll find yourself in the prettiest destinations away from the hustle & bustle of the city. in the 3 years we’ve lived here we feel like we’ve gone each and every direction to explore every inch of the area, but there will always…


little italy with visitors

one of the first places we take all of our visitors to san francisco is little italy. it’s so charming and if you know the right places to eat, it’s a great introduction to the city. with chase’s sister and her husband coming to town, it was time to hit up little italy and show…


coastal boat tour in tobago

fun fact: tobago is believed to be the location of the book “robinson crusoe,” and is also believed to be the place robert louis stevenson had in mind when he wrote “treasure island.” this gives you some idea of the feel of this small, beautiful island. filled with personality and diversity, every turn is different…


tobago’s cocoa estate

who doesn’t want a vacation to include learning about how chocolate is made??? the tobago cocoa estate is a fun (and tasty) place to tour on the island of tobago. it gave me even more reasons to love chocolate (as if i needed any!), and after seeing the entire process i’m convinced chocolate is a vegetable now…

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