baltic capitals: vilnius, lithuania

after tallin and riga, our last baltic capital was vilnius. this itinerary through estonia, latvia & lithuania is becoming more and more popular as these places have grown among tourists, and we were so happy with all of them. they are different from the rest of europe however, so be prepared to be a bit…


well-cared spotlight: BAFF

hi! today we have a wellcared non-profit feature that i’m so excited to share! as we travel around, we try to link up with amazing groups who are making their community + the world more beautiful. this helps us connect to places, learn more about issues, get involved, and share great movements! we partner up…


baltic capitals: riga, latvia

riga! even the name of this city is fun to say. this was another quick stop-through on our baltic trip, but it gave us the chance to dive into more of the history of the baltics and collaborate with a non-profit (more on that in a few days). riga felt much smaller than tallinn in…


a taste of tallinn, estonia

this capital city of estonia was an unexpected favorite of ours. as we wandered the empty cobblestone streets the first night we arrived, we were in awe of the charm. it was a sunday night and the town was basically shut down, giving us the streets to ourselves. the next day we realized how special…

leave each place better

leave each place better than you find it

i’ve had this nagging feeling to want to update what we’re up to with our non-profit lately, but it’s been so busy on the road and trying to stay up on things that this has sat in my drafts folder for a while! this might feel like a long read but it’s from the heart. chase and i…

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