sunday notes

dear internet / social media / online world: can we just take a step back for a minute and breathe? i’ve always had mostly positive experiences with you, but lately i’ve seen some of your ugly side. why the negativity? why the competition? why the judgement? let’s focus on the good. assume the best. let’s lift each…


life update: where we’re moving!

after 3 months of straight travel over here in europe, we are settling … over here!! we were nowhere near ready to leave yet, and we feel lucky to have the chance to stay and live here for a bit. a lot of people have been confused about how we were able to spend the…


3 month europe backpacking recap

on july 1st, we took a risk and boarded a one-way flight to europe with no definite plans or timeline. we had some unexpected time off ahead of us (i’ll explain more about that tomorrow), and in a matter of weeks we had decided to pack up all of our belongings, sell the rest, move…


jet skiing in the adriatic

all summer long we’d been craving a good boat ride // waterski // jet ski. usually every summer includes a full week in the tetons where we get our fill along with plenty of boating weekends in utah with my family, so this year we were really craving to just get out on some water on our own….


croatian island hopping

croatia’s coastline is speckled with thousands of islands dotting the adriatic.. so it was no wonder that everyone told us that while in this country, we needed to experience some islands. almost every local that we spoke to asked which islands we would be visiting during our visit, and we hadn’t planned on any in our rush!…

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