Las Vegas Trip!

We headed to Las Vegas for the week of Thanksgiving to meet up with Chase’s family!It was semi-halfway for us coming from the Bay and them from Utah, and just a warmer+ different place to do Thanksgiving this year. I hadn’t been forever and forgot thatit actually can be so fun! We stayed in a…


Desert Road Trip

We haven’t had a good road trip in a while! (Probably because with two little kids road trips aren’t the go-to ;).. but during Thanksgiving week when flights were insanely pricey and crowded, it was the best option. We drove from the Bay to Las Vegas to meet up with Chase’s family for the holiday…



I love that Friendsgiving is a thing.. and love even more that this was our third year doing it with the best Bay friends. It is a dream! Not too much work to do just one or two dishes, so everyone makes them really extra good, then it is the best meal ever with the…


Claire 3 months

Clairey at 3 months! Let’s chat about how she… ..has slept 12 hours through the night this ENTIRE month. ..smiles anytime she sees anyone looking at her :) ..feeds well, but spits up plentyyy ..is on a good schedule now, but is still flexible and on the go with it ..is extra long and skinny…


October 2018 recap

October! Always the best. Always packed. Always festive. Always fun! We had a busy month trying to buy a home out here in the Bay (it fell through, ha) which took up some of the month with stress and unknowns!! It threw us off a little bit just to think this change was happening and…

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